Top Eight 2015 Service Desk Resolutions

Top Eight 2015 Service Desk Resolutions…

Now that the decorations are down and the waistlines a little bigger many of us will be contemplating the changes we wish to make in our personal lives to help us become happier, healthier and more fulfilled individuals. But we shouldn’t forget the impact our working life has on our world outside the office and therefore consideration should be made about what ‘work’ resolutions can be made at the start of the year. After all, we all can make small changes to help take our organisations to the next level, and in turn help us to achieve our own personal goals.

To provoke some thought, Sunrise have produced a list of Service Desk related resolutions which, if introduced and committed to, may help you to become more productive and happier in the workplace.

Resolution one: Embrace opportunities for change and don’t be afraid of it. Many well intentioned initiatives founder on account of personal prejudice and a mindset of default resistance to change.

Resolution two: Be the master of the software you use. Often, your Service Desk software gets implemented, with some vendor training at the start but that’s when it ends. Most software platforms evolve and become more powerful – harness this power. Stay current and stay trained.

Resolution three: Get accredited. Why not give your Service Desk extra incentive and recognition for its contribution to your organisation’s productivity? Get assessed and accredited with the Service Desk Institute (SDI) – tell the world that your Service Desk goes the extra mile and drive that elusive ‘continuous improvement’.

Resolution four: Upgrade! Don’t let your Service Desk miss out on great new features by getting left behind on old versions. Implementing new versions will ensure that you are getting the most from your software and motivate the Service Desk team with changes that keep your Service Desk fresh, modern and fit for purpose

Resolution five: Don’t write off a ‘fad’ concept. Ideas such as ‘gamification’ can be dismissed as just a gimmick, but don’t write them off without due research to see if it could offer something positive to your Service Desk. Gamification, if managed appropriately, can actually encourage healthy competition amongst the team, increase productivity and motivate Service Desk agents – and there is research to prove it.

Resolution six: Get social. Introduce support for social media channels to your Service Desk and offer your customers the ability to log requests using all the latest methods of communication.

Resolution seven: Help customers help themselves. Introducing Self-Service can be a tricky business, but by empowering your customers to help themselves, you will free up your Service Desk agents time to be more proactive and add more value in more technical areas.

Resolution eight: One software for all. Does your Service Desk software work well within IT? There are probably other areas of the business like HR, Finance or Facilities that could benefit from using the same platform. As well as ROI benefits, utilising a single platform means that common data can be shared and a single visibility created of your customers.

It is important to consider the ‘resolutions’ that you wish to implement on your Service Desk and we hope that the above will help you to set yours for 2015.

Do let us know if you have other resolutions you would like to share – we would love to hear what your plans are