4 benefits of device-responsive technology

Businesses rely on technology to keep moving, and pressures on the Service Desk to provide support 24/7/365 are increasing.

If expanding your team isn’t an option, then increasing productivity in staff is vital, but performance can be affected by which tools are at their disposal.

If your team relies on engineers ‘on-the-road’ or agents split across locations, it’s even more important that access to the Service Desk is both seamless and timely. So, how do you cope? At Sunrise we believe that introducing device-responsive technology to your Service Desk can bring 4 key benefits to your team:

1. Work from any browser and location

Browser-based software that is compatible across all the main browsers, such as Firefox, Explorer, Chrome and Safari, is unrestricting and will allow your Service Desk agents choice and reliability wherever they are.

2. Choose software with a mobile-friendly interface

Modern web interfaces will allow your agents and engineers to access the latest tickets from the desktop to devices such as Apple iPad or Google Android tablets and smartphones, giving them flexibility to work whenever and wherever they choose, on whichever device they have to hand.

3. Keep your engineers up-to-date with live info

If your team is on-the-road, the latest information is crucial to ensure they perform accurately. Mobile access to your Service Desk can give them live information at their fingertips.

4. Encourage a self-help culture

Reduce calls to the Service Desk by introducing a Knowledge Base or a self-help portal where users can log incidents themselves. You can even roll this out to user devices so that users out and about can log incidents wherever they are.