A Service Desk Approach to Managing HR Queries

‘How much holiday do I have remaining?’, ‘When do I need to submit my MAT-1B form?’, ‘I have an issue with absence in my team, what can I do?’ these questions are likely to be very familiar to those working in an HR team – but how do you track and manage all of these requests? Are you one of thousands of HR departments currently tracking all employee queries in spreadsheets and other manual systems?

Now this approach is fine if you are receiving a few queries per week – perfectly manageable and easy to access the information at a later date should you need to. But, what happens if those few queries per week turn into thousands each month – how manageable is it then to search through spreadsheets to look up historic or outstanding queries? How easy and quickly can you pull off reports and analyse trend data?

Many teams are facing this dilemma, and facing the consequences when things go wrong. From unhappy employees who are frustrated with having their queries forgotten or lost, to tribunals being lost and massive payouts being made as a result of organisations being unable to provide an accurate audit trial.

At Sunrise we believe that there is another way. We believe that adapting a service desk approach to managing these queries ensures that HR departments can take back control, and ditch the spreadsheets.

So what is a service desk approach? A service desk approach means that HR departments look at a single system to handle the following areas:

  • Cases and queries
  • Service level agreements and reporting
  • Knowledge
  • Self-Service
  • Customer satisfaction and surveys

The idea is to look at the HR department as offering a valuable business service to the organisation, to be proactive in delivering that service, to measure performance and analyse trends while continually improving.

Service Management solutions such as Sunrise HRCM are designed to support the above approach and work alongside existing HR systems. To learn more please visit our Sunrise HRCM product page.