Are you ready for the “unstable” Service Desk?

Businesses need to take bold actions, altering their business models and processes to suit the needs of an increasingly tech-savvy workforce. A report from Gartner says that to accommodate current and future working practices, 70 per cent of business models will be built on “unstable processes” allowing them to alter their workflow and outcomes based on the needs of the customer.

“It’s imperative to break away from linear business processes and deploy variable processes. The need for this shift is intensified by the introduction of many types of internet-connected ‘things’ into the business environment. Large, stable processes that have no ability to dynamically change according to new information will not enable organisations to deliver on the promise of digital business,” says Julie Short, Research Director at Gartner.

Whether Service Desks – traditionally heavily reliant on process methodologies such as ITIL to function – will be able to act in such a fluid way remains to be seen.   In our view, there must be a happy medium between the pressures presented by the digital era, and the need to retain control and structure when delivering IT services.

We are already seeing a growing interest in approaches such as Agile and Kanban which are both designed to help IT become more nimble and unshackled. We think that smart Service Desks will retain the core processes such as ITIL to manage the essentials, will deploy tools that are fast and powerful enough to quickly fix problems, whilst being mindful of the need to be more responsive.