Asset Tracking: A Cause for Concern?

Your IT assets are critical for the success of your business, but how much control and knowledge of these assets do you actually have?

According to a recent survey carried out amongst IT Service Desk Managers, our respondents rated their level of control over IT assets as less than 3 out of 10, with almost two thirds (62.36%) admitting that this lack of control is a cause for concern.

Currently, nearly two thirds (60%) of all respondents carry out IT asset audits manually. Although this has a clear advantage of enabling identification of the actual location of each device within the office, it is also time consuming and costly. This could explain why 25% of those surveyed actually waited for more than a year between audits.

The overriding reason for carrying out IT asset inventories is to ensure the organisation is software compliant (23.27%).

For information on how you can track all installations, moves, additions and changes (IMAC) to your PC, and maintain a comprehensive audit trail, please give us a call.