Fighting the battle of the mountain of paperwork

Every day service desk departments are battling with a mountain of paperwork, from excel spreadsheets to word documents – but why? Valuable team members are tasked with the mundane, yet vital, role of becoming manual inputter’s resulting in reduced productivity, a drop in efficiency, demotivated staff and unsatisfied customers… but with a little investment in the right software (ahem, Sunrise) these can be turned right around.

One organisation who did exactly this was Fortek Computers (part of Capita Plc) who provide software solutions exclusively for public safety agencies, where the solutions are used by emergency service providers to allocate resources.

Since deploying a Service Management system into its Service Desk, Fortek have seen significant efficiency and productivity gains as well as increased customer satisfaction. Administrators and Developers no longer need to spend their time completing manual paperwork to progress requests for change and bug fixes but instead can now focus their time on more productive and interesting work – as an extra bonus, because the document flows are electronic they also have good audit trails.

“The workload for the administration staff is significantly reduced since the team has implemented Sunrise to support its work processes. Our administration team is now able to focus on more productive and interesting work and now our document flows are electronic we also have good audit trails” – Duncan Chilvers, Customer Service Manager, Capita Fortek.

Fortek, have shown that taking the leap and investing in the right tool to automate your workflows and processes can have a hugely positive impact on your business and help to win that battle against the manual paperwork mountain…

To discover more about how Fortek has been using their Service Management software please take a look at their case study.