Discover How To Be An Effective Service Desk Manager in 2015

In follow up to our guide: What makes a Great Service Desk Manager, here are our five most important traits that separates a mediocre Service Desk Manager from one who excels:


Cares about people, not numbers

Managers are judged by the numbers they deliver, so they often make the mistake of managing their staff via the stats board. Yes, the numbers are important, but people who are supported and nurtured will naturally aspire to hit the targets, whereas those led only by the carrot/stick method will become disillusioned.  A great Service Desk Manager considers each staff member as an individual, taking the time to know not only their personal strengths and weaknesses, but the personality too. People work harder for those who clearly care about them.


Fixes problems and eliminates barriers

Great managers work hard to remove those issues and concerns that stop their staff working effectively. Poor managers expect their staff to work around these barriers. Great managers give their staff confidence because they know they will be backed up by someone fighting their corner. Poor managers pass the blame onto their staff when things go wrong.


Talks to other business heads

Service Desks can no longer afford to work in isolation if they hope to deliver a meaningful service to the business. Great managers will be in regular dialogue with other business leaders, always on the look out for problems the Service Desk could solve, championing the cause for the function and ensuring the desk is delivering the support that is really needed to make a difference.


Actions staff feedback

There’s nothing more frustrating for Service Desk staff then being asked for feedback that is then ignored. By putting feedback into action, the great Service Desk Manager not only proves they listen, they show that they value the opinions of their staff.


Leads rather than manages

By working hard to fix problems, acting as a link point between the desk and the business, taking a genuine interest in their staff and valuing their feedback, great Service Desk Managers are not managers at all: they are leaders who help themselves and their teams excel.