Benefits of introducing Sunrise HR Case Management

Introducing Sunrise HR Case Management will provide you with over 20 functions which have been designed to optimise and streamline your HR Service Delivery.

In order to maintain a healthy and productive work environment, your HR department needs the right tools. Many organisations are moving towards a Service Desk model or Shared Services initiative to facilitate effective employee relations.

Sunrise HR Case Management (HRCM) is a powerful and case management solution designed to provide a single place for all employee support interactions. Our HRCM offering has a range of services to ensure you can support your employees in the best way. Implementing the Service Desk, Case Management, Employee Management, Service Provider & Contract Management, as well as Reporting & Analytics capabilities will allow you to consistently achieve your HR targets.

Ultimately, Sunrise’s Case Management approach to HR Service Delivery ensures that HR teams have:

  • Easy access to a detailed audit trail
  • Full visibility of HR data across the department
  • Improved employee relations
  • Increased responsiveness to the needs of the business
  • Quickly upskilled staff
  • A consistent level of service to the organisation
  • Full control at all times.

A Sunrise Case Management solution can help your HR department streamline their processes. By providing a centralised system for tracking employee information, HR can more quickly and accurately respond to requests and enquiries. This is especially beneficial for larger organisations, as the system can be used to manage a large amount of information quickly and efficiently. Therefore, our HRCM system provides the ideal platform to deliver efficient and effective employee support across your organisation.

With over 25 years’ experience providing service desk solutions for departments ranging from IT to customer service to HR, we have huge experience in managing and automating processes, workflow and tasks. 

To find out more about how Sunrise HR Case Management can help your organisation improve employee experience and productivity of your HR Team, download your HRCM Brochure.