Bring Your Own Device: the end of the hype - Sunrise Software

Bring Your Own Device has proven to be a largely unfounded threat to corporate IT, with research from analyst Forrester finding that 70 per cent of government technology leaders have either classified it as “low priority” or dropped it from their agenda altogether.

BYOD became a heavily-discussed subject as smartphone and tablet usage really began to take off, with businesses fearful that this influx of technology would destroy the corporate IT infrastructure and make company-approved devices irrelevant. Subsequently, IT departments were expected to exert greater control than ever before, locking down systems and making it very difficult for staff to use their own tech.

Forrester however says the scenario has in fact played out very differently, saying that lack of interest from customers in using their own technology for business purposes is the reason why interest in BYOD has fizzled out.

The reality is that pressure from customers to use their own technology rarely extended beyond their desire to connect to the corporate network and perhaps for convenience when working remotely the ability to answer work emails on their personal phone.