Can Service Desks influence the corporate IT agenda?

Service Desks are tasked with solving the problems that are often caused by other parts of the business. Should they be allowed to set the agenda and dictate change for the greater good?

Fixing someone else’s mistakes. It’s a frustrating and painfully familiar reality for Service Desks, which are often blind to the actions carried out by governance, project or change teams. The Service Desk similarly has little influence over whether business customers introduce their own technologies into the business, or if a department head decides to source some cloud software to solve a problem. Yet the Service Desk will also be the first port of call when something goes wrong.

The Service Desk understands better than any other part of the business the real-world impact of IT success and failure.  Therefore the more intelligence and ammunition we can provide the Service Desk about exactly is going wrong and where it is occurring, the better chance it has of influencing change within the teams/departments causing the failures.

This is why we have introduced extensive integration within our Service Management product, linking the Service Desk to governance, project and change management, while creating visual dashboards to offer Service Desk staff as much knowledge as possible.

Yes, the Service Desk may not being able to directly control or influence what a project/change team is doing, or alter the way a cloud service is delivered by an external supplier. But the more they understand about these external forces, the more they can try to force change and improvements.  If they make enough noise and can also show the financial impact of these failures, we may reach a point when Service Desks can begin to dictate the IT agenda, rather than be the last to know.