Cloud: Buzzword or business advantage?

Working in ITSM, we all know what it’s like: managing expensive equipment that could need attention or fixing without warning, or even purchasing and deploying sometimes expensive perpetually licenced applications. Costs can appear suddenly and make budget management tricky.

Not only that, but as your business grows, so do the demands on your technology: new equipment, more equipment, software upgrades for new features, the expense can add up suddenly and quickly in a successful business, putting pressure on your team, not to mention the lead times to deploy new services and successfully complete projects.

The technology you manage can become all-encompassing and it’s easy to lose sight of your real priority on the Service Desk: your customer, be your business customers or supported employees. Why spend energies on managing and maintaining IT services that may be better devoted to your customers, when you can rely on the instantly available nature of services delivered via the Cloud.

Cloud also gives a more predictable cost model that helps avoid these situations – your Service Desk can service the business as it needs to and you can plan ahead with a scalable, affordable solution that grows with you.

Whilst that sounds very appealing, the common misconception of Cloud is the potential insecurity of customer data in cloud environments, but the right vendor will be an expert in ensuring that this isn’t an issue. Leading cloud service providers offer encrypted access to a unique portal, that is fully hardened, backed-up continually, is proactively monitored, and provides a full disaster recovery strategy.

Look for a solution that offers a highly available service through a fault tolerant architecture in the software itself and connection to a high speed network to ensure access to your Cloud Service desk 24/7. And look for cloud applications that can be consumed by a range of devices – not just tied to the desktop.

What it comes down to is that a Cloud ITSM solution will allow you to forget about the technology involved and concentrate on the customer and the services you provide.