Service Desks - DevOps Revolution - Sunrise Software

Service Desks professionals versed in the principles of DevOps will soon find themselves in demand as the previously-IT centric strategy becomes a mainstream tool designed to deliver effective business technology.

Analyst Gartner says that by next year, 25 per cent of organisations will be adopting DevOps to ensure that IT is scoped and delivered in a way that directly addresses business needs. This will manifest in businesses spending $2.3 billion on DevOps tools this year, a figure set to grow next year as the strategy becomes even more entrenched.

However, given that DevOps is more of a cultural and organisational shift rather than a technology implementation, spending on toolsets alone is not going to yield the intended results. This means that individuals who understand DevOps principles and are good communicators will be increasingly coveted.

The Service Desk’s natural position as a pivot point between the business and customers means it is perfectly placed to lead the DevOps revolution. If the purpose of DevOps is to deliver projects and IT the business needs – rather than IT guessing what it thinks is required – then who is better positioned than the Service Desk to understand the everyday challenges and frustration the business faces?

Businesses too often underestimate the knowledge and experience the Service Desk possesses. Strategies such as DevOps acknowledge poor communication within businesses, and the need to break away from the “technology for technology-sake” mentality that has blighted IT for years. As understanding of DevOps grows, the hope is that businesses will begin to see the real value of the Service Desk for taking the pulse of the user-base and feeding back to project teams exactly what is needed to make everyone work more effectively.