Don't get left behind in ITSM

The world around us is changing daily, new brands, new companies and new ways of how we interact with each other.  The world of IT is no different and often leading these changes in both our personal and business lives.  Our customers are changing, they want to do more for themselves and they expect things to be fixed faster and communication to be better than ever.

But how can you keep support up to date in your business and make sure that you do not get left behind?  Firstly, you need to be reviewing your processes and asking yourselves ‘Why do we work this way?’  Are you forced to work a certain way due to the limitations of your IT Service Management Solution?   Are you under resourced and just haven’t had the time to review your processes?  Is there a reluctance to change internally from a cultural perspective?  Perhaps there is a desire to change, but not the budget available to do it?  All of these arguments are valid, but how can you challenge these in order to move forward.

One company who was able to address and answer these questions was the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, who undertook a project to bring their support up-to-date.  Technical Support Manager, Jiten Patel gives his advice below:

“When starting a project to make changes to your IT Processes, you need to have a supportive team and a willingness to work hard all round.  You will need management buy-in before you start and the person delivering the project should have enough authority to push the changes through.  Be strong and committed to the processes you have mapped; as long as they are logical and meet the needs of the organisation, instead of the needs of the software”.

In an ever changing world being ahead of the game in support is vital.  Embrace new ways of working, such as Social Media and use this channel to engage with your customers.  By adopting these methods you not only lead the way with effective support, but you also ensure that your customers are always receiving the service they expect and deserve.