Embracing the World of Mobile - Mobile Solutions - Sunrise Software

With more and more fee earners and support staff using their feature-rich smartphones and tablet devices well into the night, we need to be proactive with our IT Support and one of the ways to do this is to provide mobile solutions to your support team. This will enable greater flexibility in working, including home working, or working while traveling.

Access to mobile applications can also be given to your supported users or customers allowing them to raise incidents, provide updates, or even search for knowledge base articles. This ensures that your fee earners and support staff can access their Self-Service portal wherever they are, at a time convenient to them, using their own smartphone device.

In the always-connected world, your support agents and supported users require immediate access to up-to-date information in order to keep pace with the increasing demands placed upon them. Service Desks are often in time-sensitive situations and bound by service level agreements and supported user expectation. You need your Service Desk with you wherever you go, and whenever you go there.

The device in your pocket is becoming more and more powerful, and you rely on it more and more each day. You expect the same experience on your mobile as you would on your desktop. Don’t be satisfied with cut-down smartphone interfaces.

Sunrise have created a mobile application, Sunrise Mobile, to complement our Service Desk software, Sunrise ITSM, which allows both supported users and IT Support staff to take their Service Desk with them wherever they go, accessing their critical support services anytime, anywhere, using their favourite device, whether Blackberry RIM, Microsoft Windows Phone, Google Android, or Apple iOS based.


What are the benefits of Sunrise Mobile?

  • Compatible with all your favourite devices, meaning no new investment in IT equipment
  • Improved staff productivity with access to all the ITIL processes you have at your disposal
  • Secure and controlled access to your important information
  • Intuitive user interface that can be rebranded to reflect corporate branding
  • Available for both SaaS and On-Premise installations
  • Convenient and easy to use interface across all popular smartphones
  • Comprehensive access to Incidents, Problems, Changes, Contacts, Departments, Knowledge, Items, Contracts, Third Parties, Service Levels, Service Catalogue and Service Contracts
  • Live searching of information across the filters and services available to each user
  • Add, edit, and update any record, including reassigning, resolving and closing Incidents and Service Requests, and more

Whatever device, Sunrise Mobile is a comprehensive addition to the Service Desk’s arsenal, allowing true mobility and anytime access to your Service Desk.