Vital high availability services

In a world where offering 24-hour support is essential and emergency services increasingly operate in mission-critical modes, the need for high availability services are vital. Unlike traditional IT departments, providing support to the emergency services means that any downtime can affect critical applications at hospitals or to paramedics and can be the difference between life and death…

Often, customers providing IT Support are still managing with manual processes and not only does this divert their attention away from actually fixing the incidents, but it also means that reaching that all too critical availability becomes more challenging.


But how can we improve?

Firstly, it is crucial to manage customer queries, reports and requests for changes to their systems in a timely and effective manner. One company that is setting the bar in providing high availability to their customers is Fortek Computers, part of Capita Plc. After struggling with manual paperwork to process, they implemented ‘Sunrise ITSM’ to allow them to automate this administration burden. They have now streamlined their support processes and introduced a customer Self-Service portal for their international clients. Fortek now focus their time on more productive work and provide a 99.999% availability to their customers.

Providing external support in such a critical sector means that having the right tools internally are essential. Fortek Computers say “There is no doubt that with the benefits we get from Sunrise ITSM, we will easily realise a return on investment”. With the right tools internally you can ensure that there is no unplanned downtime in business-critical systems, resulting from either internal or external causes and provide that 99.999% availability that your critical customers require.