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According to the IMF this week, the UK economy is set to shrink over the coming year; shrewd businesses will be looking at how they can cut costs without affecting their performance.

With energy bills rising, but currently amounting to 20% of a company’s expenditure [source: EDF Energy] – and the IT department typically contributing to a large proportion of these energy bills – it makes sense for IT to lead the way with energy-saving policies.

Consider these stats:

  •  PCs make up 40% of businesses’ IT energy consumption [source: Energy Star]
  •  ‘Always on’ PCs cost UK PLCs over £300 million a year [source:]
  •  20% of a businesses’ annual energy costs are wasted through the use of energy inefficient equipment [source: The Carbon Trust]

So, what practical steps can your department take to promote energy-saving costs across the company?

1. Invest in software to monitor your PC power usage

Web-based Power Management software, such as PowerStudio® from Certero, will give you a good idea of what your usage is, help you to create benchmarks, give advice on how to reduce your usage and will even shut down unused computers.

2. Create centralised computer power policies

Consult with management and draw up a company-wide ‘usage charter’ that all employees must adhere to, to ensure energy efficiency and store it on your company file sharing platform or knowledge base. According to The Guardian (who run the Sustainable Business Awards), companies that prioritise energy efficiency can save up to 30% on their bills – so it should be easy to get directors on board.

3. Monitor your CO2 levels

With more and more government legislation coming into force, it’s wise to keep in-line with their guidelines to avoid costly penalties. The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is currently being simplified and is mandatory for all large businesses.

4. Regularly report on energy performance

Once you have implemented the changes, don’t rest on your laurels – review reports of your usage to ensure your strategy is working and your usage is going in the right direction. Specialist reporting software can usually be found in PC power usage tools.

5. Engage users

To really deliver a more energy-efficient IT environment, you have to engage with users. Specialist software can monitor the individual usage of each staff member and notify them of their individual contribution. Connecting this up with a display tool, such as Sostenuto Wallboard, will allow employees to view team performance in real-time.

To learn more about PowerStudio®, register for our webinar on 28th November.