File sharing bad but we all do it

In a January survey of Sunrise customers on the issue of illegal file sharing, three-quarters of respondents said that they consider the downloading of copyrighted works to be a crime. However, 70 per cent of the respondents acknowledged that they indulge in illegal file sharing, even if only on a rare basis.

Eighty per cent of respondents claimed that their file sharing had little or no effect on their buying habits of software, music or films.

When asked to consider how to fix the problem of illegal file sharing half of respondents suggested that the recording industry should look at new pricing schemes to make purchase of legal music more attractive to consumers.

A quarter of the respondents suggested that copyright laws be changed to reflect the new technologies at play in the distribution of digital content, while approximately one third suggested that better copy protection was a key component in a solution to illegal file trading.

When asked to nominate who is most responsible for finding a solution half of those surveyed suggested that ISPs, the recording industry and other copyright owners should all be making efforts to find a solution to the problem.