Euro survey hits the Service Desk

The nation has reached fever pitch with the start of Euro 2004. Last month, we included a Euro survey in our newsletter to see how our customers feel about our chances in this year’s Championships. The results confirmed that over two thirds (68.57%) of our customers rate football as their favourite sport to follow, with rugby and F1 motor racing lagging behind in second and third place. Shockingly, one in ten admitted football was actually the meaning of life! (Not something you should readily disclose) Almost a quarter of our customers (22.5%) believe it to be a complete and utter waste of time, and two thirds agree that it is simply a good way to pass the time.

Surprisingly, almost three quarters (71.42%) chose the feeling of excitement and suspense experienced in a match as the reason for watching, with national pride accounting for just over a quarter (28.94%) – lower than expected. Other popular reasons include one in ten (10.52%) choosing to gaze at footballers’ legs! (especially Beckham’s) and just a good excuse for a trip to the pub.

Half of our customers (48.64%) have arranged time off for the Championships. One in ten (10.81%) plan on working from home and another lucky one in ten will be having time off as a goodwill gesture from the boss. A cheeky 3% have admitted they plan to take a sickie to celebrate the crucial matches. Others will be relying on flexi-time and TVs in the office to show their support.

And for the most important question: Who will bring home the Euro cup? Well it would seem our national pride has been underestimated as the majority of customers voted that England will just beat France to the post with 30.95% to 28.57%. And, we can still do it!