Friday Introducing - Amanda Hull

Friday Introducing – Amanda …

Somebody who has been at Sunrise for many years and needs no real introduction is, Amanda Hull, Training Manager at Sunrise. However she may be unfamiliar to some as she is so often on the road with customers.

Amanda has been at Sunrise for 14 years and in that time has been on the journey through the Sunrise products as technology has changed, and in particular has been closely involved in seeing the growth of the Sunrise flagship product, Sunrise ITSM and guiding our customers through User, Administration and Configuration courses.

The requirements of training has changed dramatically over the years with the request to go to customer sites now filling 99% of Amanda’s time, rather than customers coming to Sunrise HQ – and travelling to see the different customers is Amanda’s favourite part of her job. And as a bonus, Amanda’s knowledge of UK Geography has grown considerably – there is not a road, rail, bus, tram or plane she has not experienced over the years.

In order to support her training plans, Amanda works closely with the Development team for product releases. Rolling out new configurations, creating databases and setting up documentation is a part of Amanda’s role and the challenge is to try and keep one step ahead. She also works closely with the Professional Services Team for scheduling.

The Sunrise customers are what has kept Amanda in the same role for the past 14 years, she loves going to meet with different customers as they are all unique, have their own challenges and personalities and no site is the same. She loves getting to know our customers and what they need – and enjoys getting to see their implementation through their eyes. To Amanda, customers are no longer customers, they are friends.

Amanda has also been recognised for her exceptional hard work in 2014 by winning the Outstanding Contribution of the Year award.