Friday Introducing - Geoff Rees

Friday Introducing – Geoff …

This week we are pleased to introduce you to Geoff Rees, Director for Business Services and Sales at Sunrise. Geoff has overall responsibility for all aspects of Sunrise that affect our customers – Product Development, Service Delivery, Customer Service and Support and Sales/Marketing. 2015 is Geoff’s 11th year at Sunrise – he joined in 2004 as a Business Development Manager, having previously held a number of sales and sales management positions at larger organisations over the previous 20 years.

Regarding his role and time at Sunrise , Geoff says “Back in the day, perhaps I wouldn’t have seen myself staying at a SME size organisation, however, I soon found that the opportunity to be involved across the company was both challenging and motivating. Software development is a complex business and of course, customers have a lot of choice in terms of which vendors to work with, so we are constantly kept on our toes – you have to look to the future, whilst ensuring that you don’t leave the past behind.”

What else about Sunrise particularly matters to Geoff ? – “Two main points – the ownership of the company is honest, ethical and well intentioned – Sunrise doesn’t just exist for the benefit of shareholders and external investors, it provides employment to loyal staff and an independent home grown alternative for UK buyers. Secondly, the team here are, in my experience, beyond compare – expertise, creativity, commitment and loyalty. I am determined to help them make a difference.”

Outside of work, Geoff keeps busy with his family, border collie, playing 5 a side football and tennis, his band and guitars, and keeping in touch with his lifelong friends. This time of the year, his ‘anorak’ passion for ‘all things Welsh Rugby’ becomes borderline obsessive as the annual 6 Nations rugby competition hoves into view… Cymru am byth!