Friday Introducing - Nilesh Dabholkar

Friday Introducing Nilesh …

Today we introduce you to a veteran Sunriser – Nilesh Dabholkar, our Product Technical Director. After working as an outsourced Sunrise development partner for a number of years and being part of the team that helped bring to market the Sunrise browser-based platform, ‘Sostenuto’, Nilesh joined Sunrise as a full-time employee in 2007.

Nilesh started at Sunrise as our Product Development Director and in 2014 became Product Technical Director. Nilesh oversees scrum and sprint meetings and has a heavy involvement with the product roadmap, customer escalations, technology evaluations for product and architecture and design for new product enhancements.

Nilesh is also our resident fitness guru, having never missed a gym session and always putting his colleagues to shame with his healthy eating. Nilesh isn’t all gym, gym, gym and has many other hobbies including science, quantum physics, astronomy, gadgets and of course sport! Nilesh particularly enjoys cricket, football and tennis, a leisurely walk by the river, listening to music or catching a good movie – his favourites being ‘Die Hard’, ‘Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘Star Wars’.

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