Friday Introducing - Rohan Bridglall

This week we are pleased to introduce you Rohan Bridglall, Service Desk Analyst for the Sunrise Customer Service Desk (CSD) Team.

A typical day in the life for Rohan, would include assisting customers with their incidents, either raised by the phone, email or our Self-Service portal and helping bring these incidents to resolution. Rohan has been working closely with his team to learn all he can to help our customers, making excellent use of the internal knowledge base that has been built up in our own version of ITSM.

Rohan also has his keen eye on the daily leaderboard in order to track how his performance is improving…. A great example of how gamification techniques can be used to motivate!

It’s not all work, work, work in his team as their relationship outside of the office is just as important. They are a close knit team who can often be found out for a drink every pay day celebrating their excellent work the month before. And let’s face it, a team that continually achieves satisfaction scores of 98-99% each month deserve a drink or two to celebrate at the end of the month!

When Rohan is not out with his team, he loves spending time with his wonderful wife. One of the things they most enjoy doing together is watching TV shows – a particular favourite being ‘Suits’

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