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With the term ‘enterprise service management’ becoming more widespread it is no surprise that one of the questions most frequently asked by our customers is ‘how do I get more from my existing IT service management solution?’ as many IT Managers or Service Desk Managers can see the potential of their software but can struggle with knowing how to move things forward.

This is where we can help. Sunrise’s Business Consultant, David Bullivant, has supported hundreds of customers extend the use of their IT service management solution to support other business functions across the enterprise, and here are his tips for getting started…


Be a visionary…. And proactive

This type of project is not suitable for a sit-still kind of manager, the person in charge needs to have vision and the drive and passion to take it forward. Without these qualities, you will find it difficult to not only get other departments to ‘buy-in’ into an Enterprise Service Management solution, but to also get sign off from other stakeholders.


Identify which departments track activities.

The best place to start is to identify the other departments across your organisation which are currently logging and tracking queries or calls – if they are being logged in other systems or in spreadsheets, there is always the potential to introduce your service management into that department.   Some of the most popular areas to consider are HR departments, facilities and customer service.


Take the time to understand their requirements

Once you know the other departments you can envisage the service management solution supporting, you need to take the time to delve deeper. Engage with those department heads and try to get an understanding of what the problems are that they are facing and how they are currently managing their queries and calls. It is only when you really understand what they need that you can really see how the solution can support them. You need to be able to identify the differences between how your solution is currently set up and what changes would need to be implemented in order to support the other departments.


Cost up your options – but it is not just about the £££’s

As part of your research it is worth looking at the existing systems that the other departments have in place – what do they cost the organisation, and how much can be saved by moving to one system. But don’t forget that the value of this type of project is not always just about any immediate saving – after all if departments are just using spreadsheets, there will be no immediate cost saving. Therefore it is advisable to also take into consideration the money that can be saved in man hours.

There is no doubt that taking your solution into other departments is a big task that relies on a lot of planning, preparation and hard work – so why do it, why not let your colleagues carry on as they are and sort themselves out? Here are just a few of the very good reasons why so many have already taken steps to introduce their IT service management solutions across the enterprise:

  1. Visibility of the value IT brings to the organisation
  2. Additional ROI on your initial IT investment
  3. Improvement in the customer experience
  4. Improved communication and access to information
  5. Audit and governance control
  6. Improved efficiencies across the organisation 

If you are interested in exploring a ‘Service Management’ approach beyond the IT department, to the Enterprise, please contact your Sunrise Account Manager for more information.