Sunrise Investigates How Data-Rich are HR Teams?

Sustaining a successful business can be a real challenge.

Not only do businesses have to think about attracting and retaining customers, they also have to think about attracting and retaining the right people with the right skill set to work within their organisation.

Over the past few years businesses have started to recognise that as well as focusing on the satisfaction of customers, the motivation and stability of  staff i.e. your ‘internal customer’ is a significant factor in company performance. Happy staff are more productive, loyal and ultimately deliver a better service to your customers.

For decades customer-facing departments, such as sales and marketing, customer service have been mastering the art of collecting data and turning this into valuable information that can be used to tailor communications and to ensure that both existing and prospective customers get the information they are looking for, when they need it.

Now we are seeing that other departments who by nature are more internally focussed are looking to adopt this approach to ensure that employees are getting the same treatment, and HR departments are in one of the best positions to facilitate this.

HR teams, depending on the size of the organisation, may often receive hundreds, even thousands, of requests and queries on a monthly basis – meaning these teams are data-rich and are in an enviable position when it comes to getting the information they need in order to address the  ‘needs’ of their ‘internal customers’.

With the right processes and tools in place, HR teams can see trends in the data allowing them to identify common queries – allowing them to work with their internal communications teams to run pro-active campaigns that will answer those queries amongst the staff, reducing the number of future queries that would come in on the subject and keeping the employees feeling that their needs are not only being listened to but that they are also being responded to.

For example, your latest query report identifies that there has been an increase in the number of queries coming into the department that relate to the paternity rights of soon-to-be fathers. From how much time off they are entitled to, to the process of how they claim the time off. This information gives the team the perfect ‘content’ for an internal campaign that centres on the paternity rights of fathers. You know from your statistics that this is a topic that is important to a number of people within your organisation, you know the message that will resonate and the audience you need to target. This information is gold dust and what you choose to do with it can be extremely powerful, and beneficial to both employee and employer.

Reporting and trend analysis is a vital part for any department that is delivering a ‘service’ to a customer, whether they are a business client or an employee– after all, how can you possibly react to the needs of your customer if you are not listening to what they are telling you? Just logging those queries isn’t enough in this service-centric age, don’t sit on the information you have, use it to your advantage and ensure that you are making the most of every opportunity that presents itself.