HR Technology Forum 2016, London – Round Up

We were delighted to take part in the HR Technology Forum event in London last week. It was a really exciting event for both Sunrise and the delegates, giving us a unique way to engage with our potential customers and learn more about their requirements face to face.

We were fortunate to meet with some very interesting people and learn about their projects in an intimate and sophisticated manner. From speaking with the attendees, it was clear that when operating a global HR case management function, a flexible solution that allows HR teams to adhere to any country’s HR legislation was key.  While the company may operationally work within the same solution, each country will have their own rules and ways of working that needs to be reflected in any HR Case Management solution they use.

Another key takeaway from the event was realising the growing need for HR Case Management systems to help with tracking trends of information in the employee query and case management data. Tracking trends are so important as HR teams can utilise the valuable data gathered and build proactive campaigns to employees informing them on areas such as Social Media conduct – thereby helping employees understand the rules in the organisation and also reducing Social Media abuse cases fed through the HR.

An example of HR Case Management

It was exciting to see that the business world now understands more and more the importance of managing employee queries and cases.  HR teams are constantly tasked with showing their value, and the expectation for HR to become more analytical and numerical is growing.  Not to forget the importance of employee retention with HR teams needing to prove to their employees their value through good service.

Overall, the event was a success and we look forward to the opportunity to meet with the delegates soon and help them on their HR Case Management journeys.

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