How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

The right helpdesk software for your customer service management endeavours can go a long way to improving customer satisfaction. In turn, customer service teams and businesses will benefit from enhanced systems in place.

We’ve all heard the mantra “the customer is king”, says Geoff Rees. So it’s puzzling to see so many organisations shoehorning inappropriate software to manage business critical tasks that impact customer service. If the software is not suitable, the service levels will certainly not be fit for a king. The dangers of this mismatch are particularly acute in organisations attempting to use helpdesk software to manage the process of ‘Customer Service Management’.

Despite the risk it poses, it is often the case that customer service departments and those involved in query resolution, complaints management or request fulfilment are forced to make compromises when it comes to the software they use. Often the systems they are offered are designed for something else entirely, for example the IT help desk. Such software is ideal for the ‘internally focused’ IT environment, but it doesn’t have the capability to fulfil the requirements for queries and requests originating from the business side.

Not only is this approach short sighted, but it is quashing an opportunity to benefit the business; many organisations are failing to appreciate that by demanding a few specific query management capabilities, they can gain competitive advantage and manage high value customer queries consistently, effectively and pro-actively. There are many ways that software solutions, designed principally for the purpose of delivering customer service management, will benefit businesses and contribute to their smooth running.

On demand account information for all departments

Often resolving a query will mean pulling in resources from different departments, from accounts to the product management team. On some occasions, third parties could be involved. It is essential to request a solution that provides one common platform which everyone can easily access and update, resulting in a consistent team approach to resolving customers’ queries or complaints.

Manage customer queries throughout their life cycle

Nothing will let your customer down more than a query that falls through the cracks. From when a query is received to when it is resolved, your solution should ensure that the customer service team always has a handle on the customer query, and progresses it to the next stage.

Customer service management and effective query resolution

As an agent logs a query, possible answers can be presented through a matching process, automating resolution where possible, and speeding up the resolution process.

Automated updates and acknowledgements

They say communication is everything, and when it comes to customer service, this couldn’t be more accurate. Automated acknowledgements and updates keep your customers in the loop and reassure them that your team has got their query under control.

Customer service management software custom-built to serve your business needs

No two customer service departments are the same. It’s likely that the screen your agents see will need to have unique terminology, and the way a query is handled will also be very specific to your business. A fitting solution should allow easy modification of workflows, screen layout and terminology to fit your business.

Improve the way you handle your customer relationships

Stay on the ball when it comes to the formal aspects of your customer relationships and your commercial department will thank you for it. Look for solutions that come with an inbuilt contract management tool, allowing you to track when a customer contract is coming up for renewal and flag this for appropriate action.

Customer service management and comprehensive reporting

Being good at customer service is one thing, but being able to show it really pays dividends for your department and your business is another. The use of graphical dashboards that help you to see at a glance what is happening on the customer service floor, and a management report wizard that allows you to create powerful, hard-hitting reports, will help you secure your customers’ business for a long time to come.

In order to liberate organisations from time consuming queries, cases, complaints, service requests and claims management, organisations should look to utilise the most appropriate technology solution. If you want a query management solution that will take your customer service to the next level, then it’s imperative to deploy the right solution; there is no point hammering a square peg into a round hole.

IT helpdesk software might appear to be “ok for now”, but without a customer service management solution which has been designed specifically to enable service teams to manage customer queries proactively and consistently, your customers will not be made to feel like kings.

These are all how to improve customer satisfaction within your service teams, and for more information on how Sunrise can help please do not hesitate to get in touch.