The impact of multi-channel comms to the Service Desk

Non-voice traffic into Service Desks is set to rise in 87 per cent of cases, as customers increasingly turn to social media, web chat and mobile apps to seek support. Research by Dimension Data into trends within service centres shows that 42 per cent of support operations will witness significant declines in voice traffic, with digital traffic set to overtake phone interactions within the next two years.

This is clearly a trend that has been going on for some time, and underlines the importance of Service Desks creating an effective multi-channel web strategy. It’s natural to conclude this news means that Service Desk operatives will become less important than processes and online support tools as the focus moves away from voice. However, it does in fact mean that Service Desk staff will have to become more skilled and multi-faceted, with the report also stated that by 2016, customers will regularly use up to seven digital channels to find support.

The Service Desk operative will become more apt at juggling these channels, and businesses that support them by linking up these channels will be rewarded with increased customer satisfaction. Finally, the significance of the phone call will actually grow because it will increasingly become a “last resort” for those failed by other support option, or it will become the preserve of the more complex issue. This means that customer service skills, already at a premium on Service Desks, will become even more valued.