IT Leaders Prioritise Relationships, Not Technology

CIOs now spend more time with stakeholders and other business leaders than managing the IT department to ensure that technology is being deployed effectively.

Industry analyst Gartner says that IT chiefs must work closely with the business to ensure the value of technology is well known and that projects and investments deliver benefits to the business. On average, CIOs now spend just 40 per cent of their day managing the IT function, allocating 27 per cent of their time working alongside senior managers, 18 per cent with business unit heads and 16 per cent talking to external customers.

The report also says that investment in technology outside the IT department is set to increase, with 21 per cent of businesses actively spending on new equipment and services outside of the IT budget. Overall spending on IT is also growing, with budgets in UK and Ireland up 1.4 per cent in 2015 – news that Gartner says indicates the end of a long-period of technology cost-cutting.

This shift in priorities is welcome if indeed it succeeds in linking IT more intelligently to the business. It is likely that we will see increased collaboration between technology teams and other elements of the business at a lower level if this cultural adjustment continues.