IT risk management leads CEO list of concerns - Sunrise Software

Risk management is now one of the biggest headaches for business leaders as technology innovation accelerates.

Three-quarters of CEOs surveyed by analyst Gartner agreed that the digital world is creating “new types and levels of risk for business” while 65 per cent concurred that investment in risk management is not keeping pace with these emerging trends. Gartner says that CEOs and CIOs must collaborate to ensure “dark forces” don’t cause IT havoc.

The good news is that CEOs are now taking IT very seriously, rating it as their second most important business priority for the rest of 2015 and into next year. This is the position technology has held on the survey since 1999. The potential for IT to help expand revenue is the primary motivation for this surge of interest, with the research indicating that multi-channel, e-commerce and m-commerce are seen as holding great potential for business growth.

Customer engagement is expected to be the main technology-enabled business area which CEOs will focus on over the next few years, followed by digital marketing, and business analytics.

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