Good IT Support Software is Critical for Public Sector Efficiency.

The evolution of the digital consumer is mirrored across the workplace; expectations of the technology available and service levels are higher than ever – how many of us are forgiving of a slower response at work when we know we’d get better in our personal world outside?

Public sector IT software is not immune to digital transformation either, however much its past may be entrenched in a reluctance to change. While commerce first saw the lucrative margins in more efficient technology, public sector across the UK is now following in its footsteps for different reasons. Whether driven by trends to homeworking and remote device usage, or embracing digital initiatives from first principles, councils, NHS and further education establishments are seeking ways to better serve their employees, customers and citizens through technology. And behind the glitter of shiny devices and digital applications sits the service desk team, keeping the show on the road.

So how does the support desk keep up?

While the older helpdesk ticketing model can fix less complex problems as they occur, deploying the most modern IT Support Software in the public sector unveils new benefits for service desk teams. These benefits include enablement of planning, understanding of trends, better use of resources, improved customer service and future-proofing for growth and change.

Shared Service & SaaS

Public sector ITSM now adopts models of Shared Service in many places, such as at Borough of Poole with Bournemouth Council or at Informatics Merseyside, allowing often smaller teams to benefit from the efficiency of distributed deployments. SaaS adoption is showing an uptake too, efficiencies in planning and management overcoming the early unfounded suspicions over security and loss of control versus installation on-premise.

Self-Service & Automation

Self-service is as close as IT Support gets to the ‘Amazon’ experience, and many public sector teams have self-service portals or service catalogues live or in their sights – such as in Tendring District Council’s future planning.

Automation is within bounds too. Workflow can be simply configured within an ITSM tool for a limitless set of rules which can streamline requests, copy or share notifications and escalate as necessary – all previously manual exercises which free up resources and aid public sector efficiency.

Reap the benefits

Combine the above with an easy to use and configurable ITSM interface which the team can access on desktops or mobile, and SDI Certified reporting which meets recognised industry standards, and the public sector can reap the efficiency benefits so often seen as the domain of commerce.

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