IT wearables are here to stay (whether you like it or not)

Sales of smart watches are set to increase 173% in 2015 – largely driven by the entry of hardware giant Apple into the space.

Smart watches are divisive – some people think they are a step-too-far for IT, removing an already slim barrier for those spending too much time on their smart phones. Yet there are others who believe that progress is inevitable and that any product which makes IT easier to use and pervasive should be welcomed.

What IT support challenges will occur as a result of this trend are at this stage unclear. But the momentous changes in a short space of time brought about by the smart phone and tablet computing revolution should cause Service Desks to pay close attention. Before these products become popularised, many people believed there was no need for computing power beyond a desktop or portable PC, yet recent history has taught them otherwise.

Wearables make IT even more accessible than ever to users, potentially becoming more integral and immediate than even the mobile phone. This will likely further increase expectations about ease-of-use and the speed of working, which will in-turn crank up the pressure on IT department to work more efficiently – and for business technology to keep pace with those tools available to all consumers.

Service Desk that wish to keep up with the times need to ensure they are working at full capacity and communicating with customers to ensure they are delivering a service that is current and progressive.