reviews Sostenuto 2.0

In its coverage of the Help Desk and IT Support Show, reviewed Sostenuto 2.0, the latest version of Sunrise’s 100% browser based ITSM solution which was launched at the exhibition.

The lively and informative publication aimed at the IT Services community has met with great success since its launch last year had cherry picked the products worth seeing at the show.

Noel Bruton introduced the article by saying:

Sostenuto rewrites the rules. We in the industry have been saying for years that service process should come before tool. At last in Sostenuto, we have a product that both recognises and expresses that. Its implications go way beyond the helpdesk. In some respects, it is probably the first of the mainstream that could genuinely reflect the broader brief of the Service Desk, but that is not to imply that Sostenuto could only find a home in IT – for wherever service is delivered, there may be a place for Sostenuto

Technologically, of course, the product presses all the right buttons – but it is in how it could affect the business that particularly attracts my attention.

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