LDAP Authentication arrives in Enterprise 5.0

As part of Sunrise’s continued commitment to improvement, Sunrise are pleased to announce the availability of Enterprise 5.0 to all Sunrise customers holding a valid support & maintenance agreement.

Containing support for authentication using Active Directory and other LDAP servers Enterprise 5.0 now allows users to access Sunrise applications, including Web Client and InternetDesk, through the use of their regular domain username and password, with verification taking place against an LDAP directory such as Microsoft Active Directory.

As well as providing support for LDAP authentication, Enterprise Web Client is also enhanced to allow the upload and download of file attachments.

As part of Sunrise’s ongoing platform support program, Enterprise 5.0 has been fully qualified for installation and use on the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server operating system.

Enterprise 5.0 builds on the excellent foundations of previous versions to provide exceptional levels of functionality for all support organisations.