Do you Love Your Service Desk…?

1. #computerissues The nature of technology means tracking incidents is far more challenging. Systems need to be in place to capture information, whether communicated by phone, email or even social media – potentially from multiple channels across the same incident. And in a company of hundreds – or even thousands – just tracking, let alone solving, everyone’s issues becomes a mammoth task! Without the Service Desk keeping track of everything going on, you (and/or your team members) might just be sitting at a broken PC, worrying about that approaching deadline…

2. “Umm, I forgot my password…again” Up to 30% of time on the Service Desk can be consumed with password re-set calls, which Gartner predicts costs between £31 – 90 per call! And there’s pressure to act quickly too…what happens if you are locked out of your computer before a presentation? Service Desk to the rescue! You might think it’s just a quick call, but how many others think the same? Well, how many people is 30% of your company?!

3. It costs how much?! With the volume of staff members and changing technology, IT budgets can be stretched at any size of company. Looking for ways to make savings without compromising the performance of a department is a tough challenge. And then there’s the amount of power IT uses…Business Green predicts ‘always on’ PCs cost UK PLCs about £300million a year! Imagine all the pressure on your department to cut costs and now put yourselves in the IT department’s shoes. And yet they’re always there to update the latest software and replace your faulty PC, or fix that dodgy printer regardless of cost.

4. Targets, targets, targets With large budgets and costs, come pressure to perform. Any good IT department will face scrutiny from management; benchmarking organisations or users (or all three) and it can a balancing act to keep everyone happy. You might get impatient waiting for that minor fix on your PC, but the Service Desk are always battling to keep times down, so you can get on without delay.

5. Walking the tightrope Technology is an amazing thing but there are a hundred different ways to see a problem (or solution?). Cloud computing could help with costs, but what if management are nervous about security? ‘Bring Your Own Device’ could make workers more productive, but how does the team feel about all those new phones /tablets to manage? The Service Desk are always looking at ways to improve your working life through technology, but don’t underestimate how much work that important change took to push through.

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