Why IT Managers Are Having To Sacrificing Holidays at Sunrise Software

According to a survey carried out amongst IT Service Desk Managers, ever increasing work loads, IT emergencies and general help desk issues are responsible for making it increasingly difficult for managers to escape service desk commitments, even for as little as a week in the sun.

As many as two thirds of all respondents (63.41%) admit that work responsibilities often affect holiday plans to a greater or lesser extent. Carrying a heavy workload is the main culprit, closely followed by clashing holiday dates with colleagues. Combined, these account for over two thirds (67.35%) of IT managers having to reassess holiday plans. A quarter (26.92%) of our respondents have experienced last minute IT emergencies that have interfered with holidays, and almost two thirds (61.53%) have been left with no choice but to delay holidays for a later date, with as many as a quarter (23.07%) of IT managers having to cancel holidays completely, being left to suffer a long summer with no chance of escape.

Once on holiday, over a half (51.15%) of IT managers say they are still unable to break free of work worries and spend their time thinking of the accumulating workload waiting back in the office. A third (30.23%) of our managers even use the break to think of new ideas to implement upon their return.