May Survey Results - Blog - Sunrise Software London

Last month’s highlight customer survey focused on attendance at the HITS show at Olympia, 26-28 April 2005

The results Nearly two thirds of respondents who attended the show stated that they thought the show was worthwhile and 33% believed that they would buy technology as a result of attending the show surely good signs for the show and good signs on ROI for vendors attending. With such positive feedback notice should be taken by those who didn’t attend HITSS this year perhaps next year’s event should be put into the diary as soon as possible! In rating the vendors at the show, respondents provided mixed results. Over 60% of vendors were rated having good knowledge of issues facing the industry whilst less than 40% were viewed as having a good understanding of ITIL. As the ITIL framework is a fundamental issue within the industry, this is something that vendors can certainly bear in mind during future contact with customers.

On a lighter note, respondents were questioned on that all-important subject the summer holiday! Over 37% of you expect to be spending your time on a sun kissed beach this summer whilst 25% will be spending a week relaxing in the UK. The extreme workaholics amongst us (just under 20%) answered what’s a holiday? obviously not expecting to get a break this year. Start making those plans for 2006 now!