The Mystery of Metrics - Sunrise Software

We are in an industry surrounded by data. There is no escaping it, but little point trying to if you know how to use it

Smart businesses will see that a minefield of data ‘gold’ lies in the Service Desk that can help the business to move forward. So, what’s the most valuable way to find and use this data?

  1.  Display your data: Rows and rows of numbers or charts in a presentation grow stale and mean little – visualising your data in real-time will create a culture of openness and accurate assistance with business critical decisions.
  2. Innovation and training: Your Service Desk is on the customer frontline, so whether servicing internal or external customers pulling out the data from incidents, problems or change could motivate technology or product innovations, or even training needs.
  3.  Motivate your staff: Displaying the data (e.g.; on screens connected to your ITSM software) will motivate staff and give you a play-by-play idea of your performance against KPIs. Giving key staff access to the charts on-the-go will keep performance at the forefront of their minds.
  4. Show your value: Live charts can also help to you prove your value as a department or supplier. Your customer can see at a glance what you have to offer and that you are working on continual improvement.
  5. A complete picture: Configure a Wallboard tool to identify the gaps in your service – finances, staff, customer service, products or internal systems – and easily identify what to invest in next.

Wallboard 2.0 – Sunrise Software’s out-of-the-box metrics tool – launches today and includes the following new features:

  •  Monitor single or multiple KPIs over definable thresholds
  •  Integration with several new external data sources, including Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access databases, and Excel spreadsheets, or its own ITSM tool Sostenuto
  • Powerful data aggregation capabilities
  • Numerous usability and navigation enhancements
  • A variety of pre-configured charts