New Online Magazine for IT Services Professionals

A new, monthly journal medium joined the UK’s burgeoning IT Services industry in October 2004. Initially an online-only offering, is the product of a team of experienced journalists and writers in the IT services and related industries. It is aimed at IT services or user support professionals. Executive editor Noel Bruton is a consultant, author and commentator of considerable experience and renown in the industry.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and the time is right”, Bruton enthused. “IT user support has pretty much completed a process of maturity over the past couple of years. It’s a new world now, much departed from the old reactive days.”

“Fifteen years ago or so, here in the UK, we were all talking about helpdesk, and that exchange gave us probably the strongest service culture with some of the best user support management products of any IT industry in the world. Now we’re about to do it again, as the service ethos becomes more widely established in other parts of IT. We need a medium like as a place to discuss, debate and concur on our new challenges.”


The new magazine is a monthly collection of news, features, interviews and instructional articles, working to a proven model. Subscription is free, simply by a reader adding their name to a distribution list. The subscriber is a member of and is notified of subsequent editions by Email.

“There will be lots of free advice and information in the magazine. It’s very ‘how-to-do-it’,” Bruton commente. “Subscribers also get access to the back-catalogue of previous items as the site grows. I’m keen to keep all this free of charge to the reader and that means we have to attract advertising.”

“So many vendors and readers have remarked on the need for such a title as this, and have said they will be prepared to back it,” said Mr Bruton. “I’m particularly grateful to Sunrise, who encouraged and invested in us right from the first issue. That vendor support, along with the initial feedback from potential and subscribed readers encourages me that has a sound future.”