Putting a new spin on Self-Service

Keeping a handle on long and complex legal documents is hard enough when the people you want to share them with are in the same office, but these days a large proportion of fee earners and support staff will not only work from home, but many of them will work in another country.

Our customers tell us that one of the key challenges they face are the mistakes made by issuing incorrect or out-of-date document versions.  This in turn wastes valuable, non-billable time for partners and can be extremely damaging for the clients they serve.


What can be done to help?

One option is to consider an integration between your Document Management solution and your IT Service Management Self-Service portal.  But what are the benefits of this integration?

  • Reduced Call Volume – by giving fee earners and support staff access to documents via Self-Service, there will be less reliance on calling the support desk, thereby freeing up your Support agents to work on other incidents
  • Improved Client Satisfaction – your fee earners and support staff will no longer need to waste time looking for documentation and therefore your clients will benefit from reduced response times and a more professional accurate response.
  • Reduced Costs – by allowing your fee earners and support staff to share documents via the web, this removes the need to print and post highly sensitive legal documents. This will not only reduce costs, but it will also remove postal delays to clients.
  • Security Control – by giving your fee earners and support staff access to documents via Self-Service, you can control who sees & shares which document and keep an audit of all activity on that document.
  • Improved Accuracy – your fee earners and support staff will only ever be viewing the most recent and up to date documents, reducing potentially wasted, non-billable time for them.

The proof is in the pudding …

Sunrise have worked with Top 50 UK law firm, Trowers & Hamlins, to overcome their issue of access and version control through integrating the document management system with the Self-Service portal.  Instead of staff being forced to email documents around the office, which can be a time-consuming and inaccurate process, they now have direct access to the company document management system.

Fee earners and support staff at Trowers and Hamlins can now easily access all the documents they need, safe in the knowledge that they are the ones they actually want to share.  In addition to this, incidents logged via Self-Service are given priority attention and a useful knowledge base, where users can share hints and tips from the experts and other users.

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