Reaping the rewards of self-service with Sunrise's InternetDesk

The Derbyshire Building Society measures the benefits of introducing InternetDesk to the Helpline.

Geraldine Comery, IT Business Delivery Manager at The Derbyshire, introduced InternetDesk to the Helpline in April 2004 with an aim to further improve service to the Society’s internal IT users. We asked Geraldine what effect this had had on performance.

Q: Geraldine, in a nutshell, what has InternetDesk done for the department?

A: The greatest impact of InternetDesk has been to relieve the burden on the phones, which has enabled us to improve our service to the users. It has also helped to increase the number of first line fixes quite substantially. In a nutshell, the introduction of InternetDesk has meant that the team is working smarter and performance has improved accordingly.

Q: How was InternetDesk received by your end users?

A: Our statistics show that the users have adopted self-service wholeheartedly. The large amounts of traffic that have been directed away from the phones are testament to this. On average, we are getting 8.6 Internet Desk calls for every 10 answered phone calls*, and in the last two months of last year, we actually received more calls via the internet than we answered via the phone channel.

Q: So what kind of impact would you say this has had on the quality of service you offer?

A: Firstly, it has meant that the percentage of answered phone calls has gone up massively, from an average of 76% before InternetDesk was implemented to 96% afterwards**. Not only are we answering more calls but as a direct result, it also means that the average time to answer a phone call has almost halved – from 22 seconds before to 13 seconds with InternetDesk**. In short, more calls answered, much faster. Secondly, it has extended the hours during which the users can log calls to outside staffed phone times.

Q: And how about actual fixes?

A: Our first line fix rate has really improved, and this increased productivity and has freed up extra capacity. As a result, we have been able to transfer several tasks from other IT support teams to the Helpline.

Q: So what would you say to managers considering introducing InternetDesk?

A: Just look at the statistics above and you have your answer Lets just say that I would not like to lose the InternetDesk as a channel of communication now.

Also bear in mind that self-service is really something that users would expect of a Helpline in the 21st Century. Just look at other types of service that offer it: petrol stations, supermarket checkouts… Why should corporate IT service lag behind?

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* average ratio logged over the 6 month period September 2005 February 2006

** average percentage of answered phone calls over a period of 6 months September 2003 – March 2004, compared to the same period September 2005 – March 2006.