The Recipe of growth for your Service Desk

Like most businesses, your customers will be your top priority. And we all know that when it comes to excellent customer service, communication is absolutely key and really is the main ingredient for the recipe of growth. But your agents are only as good as the information they have.

Separate business systems that act as islands with little or no flow of information between them can end up creating problems when it comes to communication. Important information can fall between the gaps; agents may have to manually access alternative systems or, even worse, wait to hear back from another department entirely.

Integrated systems across the business can give you a single view of the customer that will not only assist your customer service but could impact your business’ bottom line.

Those that might be cynical should refer to the story of Sunrise customer, ANS.

Initially implementing our ITSM solution, it moved to using our Sostenuto platform across business critical systems.

“As well as managing our IT services to customers Sostenuto encompasses the whole of our customer relationship, from initial sales through to contract management, order processing, tracking consultancy hours and invoicing,” explained Scott Fletcher, Chairman and Founder of ANS Group,

“Last year we doubled in size and now employ over 150 people. The efficiency gains that we have made by automating processes using Sunrise’s system have saved us the equivalent of recruiting an additional five people”.

Soon, systems were connected across the business creating a single view of every customer, including all associated orders, contracts details, invoicing history, asset and incident records are stored in one central place, easily accessed by staff for daily tasks and reporting and ANS saw a swift affect.

“Even with our tremendous growth this last year we have managed to maintain or enhance our customer service levels,” said Fletcher. “I don’t believe many companies could claim to have achieved a similar record.”

The flexibility of the solution was the key to ANS successful implementation, and directly assisted with their current growth rate of 80% YOY.