A seasonal message from Sunrises
2017 has been quite a year! Politically, economically and socially we’ve all experienced some unforeseen disruption to the 21st Century state of affairs. While technology has become more and more entrenched in our day to day lives, commerce in general has held its breath on the evolving implications of Brexit and what it could mean to us all, from the pound in our pocket to the business we work for. Other pressing matters are now imminent – not least GDPR, which impacts companies like Sunrise more than might first have been thought. In fact, apart from creating headaches, it’s actually given an opportunity for Sunrise staff to step forward, take on additional responsibilities and adapt their skill sets further. The reserves of capability, technical excellence, intellect and good old fashioned common sense within this company never fails to impress and inspire me. I think it’s why we are still regularly chosen by new clients in preference to global techno giants.

Reflecting on the year, new ITSM software projects we’ve been involved with have played to the strengths of good business case development and planning, discovering the obvious efficiencies in cost savings of SaaS and efficient team management of the modern service desk. We’ve seen some less obvious long term plays inspired by innovative thinking too. Three of our customers, Castleton, Softcat and University of Plymouth have thought about the process behind ITSM and applied it to areas of the business that the service desk management concept wouldn’t often touch – HR, operations, finance, field service – adding the wheel if you like, rather than reinventing it and experiencing that there are benefits, along the way.

We’re looking forward to 2018 at Sunrise; we do like a challenge and we’ve been in the service desk industry for long enough to work through more than a few. I think we all owe it to ourselves and our employers to challenge the norm – why wouldn’t  you – change is the only constant isn’t it? So we look forward to meeting with customers old and new and playing our part in contributing to improved service delivery wherever we can.

With best wishes for the festive Season and a Happy New Year from me and the whole team at Sunrise.

Geoff Rees
Director, Business Services & Sales