Sunrise gets involved with ‘Bring your dog to work day’

On June 26th, Sunrise Software were delighted to get involved with the annual nationwide event ‘Bring your dog to work day’ organised by HOWND.  The day aimed to raise money for All Dogs Matter – a charity that rescues and rehomes more than 300 dogs a year in London, Norfolk and the surrounding areas. What is better than taking your best friend into work while donating to a wonderful charity that saves hundreds of UK dogs every year?

Sunrise were blessed with a number of our doggy pals that came to visit us and have enjoyed many cuddles – read all about them below …

Dog with a job – Betty

Betty’s job at Sunrise was to give moral support whilst her owner brings home the bacon!

Dog with a job – Jasper

Jasper’s job at Sunrise was to demonstrate the art of working from home and how he keeps his twitter feed updated. In his own time Jasper is a personal trainer for children & squirrels and his favourite hobby is ensuring planes don’t land in the garden

Dog with a job – Toto

Toto’s job at Sunrise was to reduce stress by cuddling all the hardworking staff

Dog with a job…?

This doggy was showing that no matter who you are you can always get involved

Here at Sunrise, we have many dog loving employees that needed no excuse to welcome their loyal (and well-behaved) four-legged companions into the office. We wanted to support All Dogs Matter, and also enjoy the calming influence of these wonderful animals – in fact a study published by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management (2010) concluded that the presence of dogs in the work place even had a positive effect on those employees who didn’t have a dog of their own.

Thank you to everyone that got involved with the day and for helping us raise money for All Dogs Matter. Read all about the coverage this fantastic event got in the Mirror and the London Evening Standard

To learn more about #Bringyourdogtoworkday and get involved with raising money for All Dogs Matter, please visit the website and don’t forget to check out the ‘dog with a job hall of fame’ where you can see Betty, Jasper and Toto share their beauty with the world