The Sunrise Guide to ‘Going Green’

2 weeks ago an email memorandum was circulated by the Facilities Manager to all Sunrise staff stating how Sunrise was ‘going green’, in keeping with the trend to save us from environmental disaster. And a couple of weeks on, it appears to be working. With minimal disruption, our office recycling system means things like paper, plastic, cardboard and glass are being duly recycled, and we have a happy Facilities Manager.

It also got us thinking about what else could be done to help the environment. And, we have identified 5 tips for organisations to help the environment:

 1. Turn those machines off!

  • A photcopier left on overnight uses enough energy to produce more than 1,500 A4 copies.
  •  Lighting an office overnight wastes enough energy to heat water for 1,000 cups of tea.

2. Laptop better than PC

  • On average, laptop computers use 90% less energy than PC’s. Go on, make the switch!

3. Paperless environment?

  • If you don’t really need to print, then don’t. Printing or photocopying excessive amounts is a massive drain on natural resources.

4. Re-using is the future

  • Turn scrap paper into notepads
  • Re-useable over disposable: i.e. china cups, metal cutlery, propelling pencils, refillable pens over throwaway alternatives
  •  Use low energy light bulbs (last up to eight times longer than ordinary light bulbs)

5. Buy clever

  • Avoid over-packaged goods
  • Buy recycled or reconditioned products
  •  Buy local products to save on transportation energy costs