Sunrise ITIL FAQ Has Finally Launched has unveiled a new part of the website designed to answer common questions surrounding implementation and ROI of ITIL.

The newly launched ITIL FAQ is designed to be a dynamic resource where visitors can go to find out some simple answers to the sometimes complex questions surrounding ITIL. Visitors are able to leave comments, or even ask their own questions that will be answered by an expert in the field.

Angela Steel, Marketing Manager at Sunrise expressed her excitement about the new pages: “We really want to make this the place for all ITIL related questions, answered in plain English to ensure that the best understanding of ITIL is gained by our readers. The area will be updated with new questions and answers, and we really hope for it to grow into a valuable resource centre on the web for all those with ITIL on the map”.

A link to the page can be found on the Sunrise homepage. Feel free to link to the FAQ as a valuable source of ITIL related answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.