Sunrise strengthens ties with Tata Infotech

Sunrise celebrated 3 years of successful outsourced development partnership with Tata Infotech this March.

Part of the 125-year-old Tata Group, Tata Infotech began the development of Sostenuto in March 2001. The Tata Group is India’s most trusted and best-known industrial group with a turnover of around US $ 11.2 billion (equivalent to 2.4 % of India’s GDP),

Tom Weston, Chairman of Sunrise said: “A project of the size and ambition of Sostenuto required skills and resources which made it more commercially attractive for us to outsource overseas. Tata Infotech has contributed 98 man-years to the development so far. With Sostenuto, Sunrise now has an extremely powerful 100% browser-based solution offering a breadth and flexibility that is simply unmatched in this arena.”

Weston puts the winning partnership down to close cooperation and the building of mutual ties. Indeed, Tata Infotech are now leveraging their global reach to market Sostenuto internationally and are implementing the product for internal purposes too.

At the same time, the further development of the product is taking place at a sustained pace. Sunrise announced the latest release of Sostenuto this month. This includes full support for locale and time zone management, facilitating a multi-time-zone deployment for organisations looking to roll out service management across different countries.

“We are happy that our software development processes have enabled Sunrise to develop a world-class product. We are confident that our global customers will benefit from Sostenuto” says Charles Antony, COO of Tata Infotech