Survey on the IT sector in 2005

Security and customer service are the focus for IT staff, while web services are universally predicted to gain even further importance in 2005.

With the new year approaching, Sunrise Software conducted a survey on issues IT managers found important in 2004 and asked for their thoughts concerning upcoming developments in the IT sector.

When asked about the most important area for IT in 2005, IT managers were divided. 33 per cent admitted that improving responsiveness to users would be their number one priority whereas security, user education, new technology assessment and process development received equal amounts of responses. Over half of the respondents agreed on new technology assessment being the least important area for their IT team in 2005.

Asked to name the most important IT-specific task for next year, systems management was the most frequent answer. This included specifications such as implementation of CRM, improvements in responses to user requests and in SLAs, and to improve systems stability. From the point of view of the whole IT team, improving customer service and responsiveness was mentioned as the most important task to come.

What was the event or person that made the biggest impression on IT staff the most in 2004? 37 per cent of survey respondents rated the world’s first IT Service Management standard BS 15000 as the event/person that had the biggest influence on them. As for future developments web services were considered the big thing in 2005 by 62 per cent of respondents while 25 per cent suggested 3G telecommunications.

2004 has obviously been thorny for IT security, with nearly half of survey respondents selecting viruses, followed by spam by 33 per cent, as the one thing they wish that could have been changed in the past year. Security concerns were also mentioned by nearly all respondents as an issue they hope to sort out in 2005.

‘To have a spam and virus free year’, wished one IT manager. That is precisely what we are all hoping for!

Happy New Year!