The secret to marketing the Service Desk

One of the most popular topics at the recent SITS15 event was marketing the Service Desk to the business. It’s a important consideration today for Service Desks that once had a captive customer base but now face competition from social media, peer-to-peer support, online tutorials and how-to videos.

Not only must the Service Desk deliver value, it must ensure the business knows it is delivering value to retain funding – hence the need to become smarter at marketing.

Many suggestions were made at the ITSM Show, with discussions frequently focused on metrics, using intranets and social media to communicate enhancements, and shouting successes from the rooftops.

While all these suggestions are useful, there’s one area that is seldom mentioned yet may be the most important element of all when thinking about marketing the Service Desk: make the service better.

Service Desks needs to look at how customers now gain IT support and decide whether they are a better, more convenient or preferable option. Unless the Service Desk can honestly say it is better, no amount of marketing will improve perception.

In fact, over-marketing a poor product is counter-productive, because you are putting a spotlight on mediocrity. If customers see the Service Desk singing its own praises too readily and the service fails to meet the hype, their opinion of the service will get worse.

Yes, clever marketing can cause a product or service to seem popular in the short term, but quality always determines longevity. Service Desk’s that want to remain a business asset need to test their methods of delivering support, and if they are not good enough, find a way to fix them. Only when the service is solid can the marketing begin.