The top three Service Desk skills for 2015 - Sunrise Software

Whereas once Service Desk staff needed to be efficient, technically-minded and thorough note takers, the changing nature of IT support in today’s business world means that the skill set now looks very different.



Automation and self-service have matured to the point that the bulk of simple IT support enquires can be resolved without a human interaction This has allowed Service Desks to shift emphasis away from Incident Management towards technology problem solving. Service Desk staff therefore need to be good listeners; first to establish the problem, and secondly to ensure the customer is satisfied with the resolution.


Multi-channel, multi-platform aware

Service Desks that only support technology procured in-house have little value in the modern world. Staff must connect corporate IT to the devices, apps and cloud services that the business uses, and so must also have a strong understanding of how they work. Of course, it is impossible to intimately understand every available technology, but awareness and context of the wider world is crucial for the next generation of Service Desk workers.


Business savvy

IT, and the support underpinning it, must deliver value to the business. Therefore Service Desk staff must have a strong understanding of how the business operates and what it needs from technology to work more effectively. Not only could a “Back to the Floor” policy – which sees all service desk staff shadowing workers in other departments – become a very useful tool, a argument could be made for making it mandatory to build empathy and knowledge of how technology is used in the real world.