Three ways MSPs can improve customer experience

Finding the sweetspot between value for money and quality is the goal of every good Managed Service Provider (MSP), so here’s our guide to three tips which will improve customer satisfaction.


Rethink your interactions

MSPs trying to improve customer satisfaction typically focus on gathering feedback post interaction. This approach yields limited results because it merely establishes what the customer thought of a single part of the process. The customer experience comprises many more factors than a single phone call or email, so you need to look at the bigger picture. Why did they call? Could you have made the answer to their problem easily available on the website or via social media? A good customer experience is not about receiving a “satisfactory” response, it is found when customers only need to call to have an in-depth conversation with an expert.


 Eliminate barriers to good service

Managers think they need to “manage” staff to deliver against expectation, which in reality becomes fussy micro-management. In fact the true value of managers comes from eliminating those barriers which stop the Service Desk from delivering a positive customer experience. Whether it is a broken process, a cumbersome helpdesk tool, or a restrictive and unnecessary script, the manager should be trying to fix these issues and facilitate their front-line workers to do what they do best.


Change the metrics

Service operations generally deliver what they target and measure their staff on, so if you focus on speed of closing a ticket, and simply pay lip service to the customer experience, you will rarely improve the quality of service. Look at metrics such as NetPromotor which while no means perfect, do at least give staff a tangible target to achieve.